Thirty years ago, Mellonwoods began to develop.  What began as a single pond secluded in the woods has become a garden escape.  
The landscape has been molded  into a well manicured masterpiece.  
Upon arriving at Mellonwoods you will find an abundance of nature.  Surrounded by waterfalls, wind chimes, and flowers you can relax and enjoy being outside.   The outdoor structures are for your enjoyment, 
a gazebo is available for fishing and small events.  Two pavilions sit on opposite sides of the ponds, the smaller one is surrounded by trees and flowers.  The larger open air pavilion has a  deck overlooking the water, it is availabe for events with many guests.  Photographers are welcome to bring clients to the gardens for an outdoor setting.  
We hope that you will choose Mellonwoods for your next event or photography session.  

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